Yuuta Ashuu
Yuuta Ashuu
Kanji 阿修悠太
Romaji Yuuta Ashuu
Birthday December 24th
Horoscope Capricorn
Height 175 cm
Weight 56 kg
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Units Thrive logo cropped
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1: Boy Meets Girl
Seiyuu Hanae Natsuki (花江 夏樹)
Yuuta Ashuu (阿修悠太, Ashū Yūta) is an idol and a member of THRIVE.


Yuuta has short messy bubblegum pink hair and purple and pink gradient eyes. He also has light freckles and his fangs are slightly pointed, causing them to poke out cutely when he smiles.


Bright and energetic just like a puppy, Yuuta is an optimist who loves having fun and spending happy moments with his friends. Due to his cheerful personality, he may seem laid back and air headed however, Yuuta is capable of being serious and professional when time calls for it.

His fellow THRIVE members, Kento and Goushi, often get into heated arguments and most of the time, Yuuta will be the one to help them reconcile. He is what binds the erratic members together.

Trivia Edit

  • Yuuta loves rainbow pudding and strawberry milk. In the anime, he is seen on multiple occasions eating the dessert and it is shown that THRIVE's dorm refrigerator is fully stocked with the drink.
  • Yuuta is clumsy when overexcited and has a very bad sense of direction as shown in episode 8 of the anime.
  • In his character song, Happy Ending, Yuuta sings that the best happy ending for him would be if "you" were to want to kiss him too instead of hugging him.
  • Fans often mistaken Yuuta to be shorter than Goushi. However, Yuuta is actually taller by 4cm.
  • Yuuta's birthday is on Christmas Eve.
  • Yuuta may seem cute and innocent but point a camera at him and he'll be overflowing with charisma.