Yuuta Ashuu
Yuuta Ashuu
Kanji 阿修悠太
Romaji Yuuta Ashuu
Birthday December 24th
Horoscope Capricorn
Height 175 cm
Weight 56 kg
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Units Thrive logo cropped
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1: Boy Meets Girl
Seiyuu Hanae Natsuki (花江 夏樹)
Yuuta Ashuu (修 修 Ash, Ashū Yūta) es un ídolo y miembro de THRIVE.


Yuuta is a young man with short bubblegum pink hair and purple and pink gradient eyes. He also has light freckles and his teeth are slightly pointed, causing them to poke out cutely at times.


Yuuta has a very energetic personality. He is the peace maker in the group. He is often seen patching up the relationship of the other THRIVE members when they get into arguments, mostly due to Goushi's bad temper. He is seen to have a very bad sense of direction as shown in episode 8. Yuta likes to have fun but he also cares about his friends.

Ashuu is also known as Kitten Boy.

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