Tomohisa Kitakado
Tomohisa Kitakado
Tomohisa Kitakado
Kanji 北門倫毘沙
Romaji Tomohisa Kitakado
Nickname Tomo (by Ryuuji Korekuni)
Birthday March 29th
Horoscope Aries
Height 180 cm
Weight 61 kg
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Units Kitakore logo cropped
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1: Boy Meets Girl
Seiyuu Ono Daisuke Ono (小野大輔)
Tomohisa Kitakado (北門倫毘沙, Tomohisa Kitakado) is an idol and a member of Kitakore.


Tomohisa appears as a tall, handsome, and charming man with silver hair and light blue-green eyes. His artwork depicts him with a white jacket with black cuffs and a sash on his left shoulder from the waist down, has a black string around his outfit to keep the sash up on his shoulder, has a formal white shirt behind a gray shirt, light gray pants, and tall black boots.


Tomohisa is a kind, gentle man who is very understanding. He's what one would call "princely", having good manners, caring about his fans, and is very friendly. He is very close with Ryuji Korekuni, who is his partner, he has a good relationship with Tsubasa Sumisora, and is good friends with Kazuna Masunaga.


  • He is the son of a doctor. His parents own a hospital and a research facility.
  • He met Ryuji at a party when they were younger when he snuck out and found Ryuji building snowmen. At the time Ryuji was wearing a dress and Tomohisa mistook him for a girl.
  • Tomohisa would protect Ryuji from bullies while they were in training
  • Tomohisa and Kazuna were once a reporter for the same company when they were young.

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