Tatsuhiro Nome
Tatsuhiro Nome
Tatsuhiro Nome
Kanji 野目龍広
Romaji Tatsuhiro Nome
Nickname Tatsu (by Hikaru Osari)
Birthday January 11th
Height 179 cm
Weight 60 kg
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Units Moons logo cropped
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1: Boy Meets Girl
Seiyuu Genki Okawa (大河元気)
Tatsuhiro Nome (野目 龍広, Nome Tatsuhiro) is an idol and a member of MooNs.


Tatsuhiro appears as a young man who has tan skin and short lavender hair. He has blueish/purpleish eyes.


In the first 2 episodes of the anime, Tatsuhiro is described as a 'musclebound idiot' by Hikaru because of his toned body appearance. He is a quiet, calm, and collected person, but doesn't like to be mocked at by others. His best friend is Hikaru, and it is shown that he can be quite protective of him.

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