S-Kyuu Paradise WHITE [S級パラダイスWHITE] is a CD compiled of previously released songs and 3 new songs. The limited edition includes one random can badge picked from a pool of 7, with a total of 14 different badges. Possible can badges for S-Kyuu Paradise WHITE version include: Tomohisa Kitakado, Yuta Ashu, Kento Aizome, Hikaru Osari, Mikado Sekimura, Haruhi Teramitsu, Akane Fudo

Tracklist Edit

  1. S-kyuu Paradise / B-PROJECT [new song]
  2. 時空の螺旋 / Kitakore [new song]
  3. PRAY FOR... / MooNs [new song]
  4. 永久パラダイス / B-PROJECT
  5. ワンダー☆フューチャー / Kitakore
  7. Brand New Star / MooNs
  8. Ready to YOU!! / KiLLER KiNG
  9. Wonderful Days / Kitakore
  10. Tick-tack / THRIVE
  11. パノラマ / MooNs
  12. Hungry Wolf / KiLLER KiNG
  13. 恋セヨ乙女 / Kitakore
  14. Maybe Love / THRIVE
  15. Over The Rainbow / MooNs
  16. キラキラスマイル / KiLLER KiNG

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