Mikado Sekimura
Mikado Sekimura
Mikado Sekimura
Kanji 釈村 帝人
Romaji Mikado Sekimura
Nickname Mika (by Momotaro Onzai & Ryuji Korekuni)

Mikachi (by Hikaru Osari)
Mikarin (by Yuuta Ashu)

Age 20 [1]
Birthday January 25th
Horoscope Aquarius
Height 177 cm
Weight 57 kg
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Relatives Mother (Name Unknown)

Father (Name Unknown) Older Brother (Name Known)

Songs 2.5次元でつかまえて
Units Moons logo cropped
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1: Boy Meets Girl
Seiyuu Toshiki Masuda (増田 俊樹)
Mikado Sekimura (釈村 帝人, Sekimura Mikado) is an idol and a member of MooNs.


Mikado appears as a man who has short brown hair and green eyes, and wears glasses. He dresses more formally than the other members, wearing his blue outfit in the form of a tuxedo, has blue plaided pants, and has a decorative design on his left shoulder. He also wears a bowtie.


He does not appear much, but he's known as friendly and kind to Tsubasa, always saying the phrase 'Ba-dump' to her. His best friend is Momotaro Onzai. He is also a big fan of Mamirin, and keeps a charm of Mamirin in his backpack.

It's implied he doesn't have much of a relationship with his parents, agreeing with Hikaru when he says he seems like the type to come from a home strict on studying and becoming somewhat withdrawn when his home life if brought up.

Trivia Edit

  • His older brother once took him to a Mamirin movie and let him borrow DVD's, resulting in him watching them over and over again and becoming a big fan ever since.
  • Hobby is exploring Akihabara
  • Likes anime and games
  • Dislikes sweet and sour pork with pineapple
  • Has his license
  • Mikado's monster familiar is Mikadoctor
  • Mikado is the type to wear pajamas at home.[2]

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