Kento Aizome
Kento Aizome
Kento Aizome
Kanji 愛染健十
Romaji Kento Aizome
Nickname KenKen (By Yuuta Ashuu)

Ai-chan (By Hikaru Osari)
Kenty/Aizome-sensei (By Mikado Sekimura)

Birthday August 30th
Height 181 cm
Weight 62 kg
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Units Thrive logo cropped
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1: Boy Meets Girl
Seiyuu Kazuki Kato (加藤和樹) (Japanese)

Kento Aizome (愛染 健十, Aizome Kento) is an idol and a member of THRIVE.


Kento is a young man with bright blue hair and matching bright blue eyes.


Kento is known as a playboy, and often flirts with Tsubasa. At one point, he is even called a "sex addict" by Goshi. Kento and Goshi often disagree with each other but in Episode 2, it is revealed that he would rather have Goshi to remain in THRIVE than to let him go. Kento and Yuta are both taller than Goshi. Kento puts on a charming act to hide away from his emotions, but at times he lets his walls come down for a moment in front of Tsubasa. However, he quickly puts his guard back up moments later. Kento became an idol in order to feel desired by others, most likely due to his feelings of abandonment or insecurity as a child. Sometimes Kento talks to fans at inappropriate times, much to the annoyance of Tsubasa whom he teases at for being "jealous". Kento believes himself to be able to charm any woman, and is surprised when he is rejected by the Director during his film debut. It is also shown that he is quite selfless under his personality as he is prepared to sacrifice himself to save Yuta and Goshi during the explosions on set.

He is also known as the Sex Idol.

Trivia Edit

  • Hobby is health maintenance
  • Likes health things
  • Dislikes rain (because of humidity) and bugs
  • Kento's been described to have an eye for detail
  • Has his licence
  • Kento's monster familiar is Kenheart
  • Kento hates nattou[1]

References Edit

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