Kazuna Masunaga
Kazuna Masunaga
Kazuna Masunaga
Kanji 増長和南
Romaji Kazuna Masunaga
Nickname Leader (by MooNs Members)
Kazu (by Tomohisa Kitakado)
Massu (by Yuuta Ashuu)
Birthday February 23rd
Height 176 cm
Weight 55 kg
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Units Moons logo cropped
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1: Boy Meets Girl
Seiyuu Yuuto Uemura (上村祐翔)
Kazuna Masunaga (増長 和南, Masunaga Kazuna) is an idol and a member of MooNs.


Kazuna has short blond hair which is swept to the left.He has blue eyes and he is shown to have a blue piercing on his right ear.


Kazuna has a prince-like personality like Tomohisa. He doesn't say much, but he cares a lot about his friends. The other members of MooNs are fond of him, and his childhood friend is Tomohisa Kitakado. Although the others call him leader, he doesn't prefer to be called that, but accepts it nonetheless. He is also very modest.

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