Cover Title Release Date Artists
Towa Paradise Eikyuu Paradise 09/11/2015 B-PROJECT logo cropped
Koiseyo Otome Koiseyo Otome 11/25/2015 Kitakore logo cropped
Dreaming time dreaming time 11/25/2015 Thrive logo cropped
Glory Upper Glory Upper 11/25/2015 Moons logo cropped
Kira Kira Smile Kira Kira Smile 3/23/2016 Killer King logo cropped
Maybe Love Maybe Love 3/23/2016 Thrive logo cropped
Mysterious Kiss Mysterious Kiss 4/6/2016 Kitakore logo cropped
Brand New Star Brand New Star 4/6/2016 Moons logo cropped
Hungry wolf cover Hungry Wolf 12/21/2016 Killer King logo cropped
Muteki dangerous cover Muteki*Dangerous 12/21/2016 B-PROJECT logo cropped
Summer mermaid cover SUMMER MERMAID 1/18/2017 Moons logo cropped
Needle no 6 cover Needle No.6 2/22/2017 Thrive logo cropped
Wonder future cover Wonder☆Future 3/15/2017 Kitakore logo cropped
Break it down cover Break it down 3/15/2017 Killer King logo cropped
S-kyuu paradise black cover S-Kyuu Paradise BLACK 7/19/2017 B-PROJECT logo cropped
S-kyuu paradise white cover S-Kyuu Paradise WHITE 7/19/2017 B-PROJECT logo cropped
Phantom of love Phantom・of・Love 3/18/2018 Killer King logo cropped
Chōkan Destiny 3/18/2018 Thrive logo cropped
GO AROUND 5/16/2018 Moons logo cropped
Crank In TBA Kitakore logo cropped
Kaikan Everyday TBA B-PROJECT logo cropped


Cover Title Release Date Artists
Koudou Ambitious cover Koudou*Ambitious 07/06/2016
B-PROJECT logo cropped
Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence cover Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence 07/27/2016 Kitakore logo cropped


Cover Title Release Date Character
Kodou ambitious dvd 2 Stand to the top 09/28/2016 Goushi Kaneshiro
Kodou ambitious dvd 2 2.5次元でつかまえて 09/28/2016 Mikado Sekimura
Kodou ambitious dvd 3 Koakuma Game 10/26/2016 Ryuji Korekuni
Kodou ambitious dvd 3 magic JOKER 10/26/2016 Momotaro Onzai
Kodou ambitious dvd 4 Happy Ending 11/30/2016 Yuuta Ashuu
Kodou ambitious dvd 4 ありがとうのHarmony 11/30/2016 Hikaru Osari
Kodou ambitious dvd 5 LOVE IN SECRET × SEXY NIGHT 12/28/2016 Kento Aizome
Kodou ambitious dvd 5 Color of Heart 12/28/2016 Kazuna Masunaga
Kodou ambitious dvd 6 Starrynight Cinderella 1/25/2017 Tomohisa Kitakado
Kodou ambitious dvd 6 LONELY HEROES 1/25/2017 Tatsuhiro Nome