B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious
Bproject kodoku ambitious
The promotional poster for the first season.
Original Airdate July 3, 2016-Sept 24, 2016
# Of Episodes 12
Opening Koudou*Ambitious
Ending Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence
B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious (B-PROJECT~鼓動*アンビシャス~) is the first season of the B-Project anime. It follows the story of Tsubasa Sumisora as she becomes the new A&R and oversees the B-Project idol unit under Gandara Music. This is Tsubasa's first job, and she gets involved in various incidents and accidents as she deals with this group of young men who each have their own differing personalities.


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Season 1Edit

On March 26, 2016, at AnimeJapan MAGES. announced that B-PROJECT would be receiving an anime adaptation called B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious (B-PROJECT~鼓動*アンビシャス~ B-PROJECT~Kodō*Anbishasu~) in the Summer of 2016. The series began airing in Japan on July 3, 2016 and ran for a total of 12 episodes before concluding on September 25, 2016.

Episode # Title Air Date
01 Boy Meets Girl July 2, 2016
The episode starts with the boys singing their rehearsal song. Afterwards, the boys seeing someone from the backstage went to greet someone called Yashamaru-san after performing their rehearsal. Yashamaru-san then introduces the girl standing by earlier as Sumira Tsubasa, saying that she will be the new handler of B-Project's A&R. The boys greet her rather enthusiastically, commenting and praising her that she was the first female staff and that she has come a long way. Yashamaru-san receives a call while the boys get on with greeting her.After the news that their debut at the festival was cancelled, each of the groups proceeded with their own jobs for the day with Tsubasa accompanying Kitakore for their song recording. While on the way to work, Tsubasa plays the recording song for Kitakore and notices that something was wrong but brushes it off anyways. As they record the song, Tomohisa notices how Tsubasa was able to note how and why they sing that way. Sudddenly, something in the recording goes wrong since Tomohisa and Ryuji's harmony doesn't match with the melody. As they ponder on what was wrong they sing the same part once more but this time Tsubasa intercedes telling them that they're voices are trapped within a cage. After noticing that there was a dissonance within the composition, the recording went on smoothly. Both Tomohisa and Ryuji realize that she seems to be unaware of what she is capable of and thinks that she belongs there with them. After calling Yashamaru-san, Tomohisa and Ryuji call out to Tsubasa to tell her that they had the song copied. It is then that Tsubasa realizes why they shine and tells them that The music born from Kitakore's brilliance is like magic. The episode ends with them hearing the song that they recored earlier.
02 The Bad End Isn't So Bad July 9, 2016
The episode starts with the photo shoot of Kitakore. Since Kitakore's song turned out so well, MooNs tells them that they, too would sing a song just as good, causing them to receive a commercial deal. Tsubasa is then assigned to accompany THRIVE who will be doing a photoshoot for a page in the magazine called Kiss and Hug. During the photoshoot, Goshi refuses to act "cute" by wearing a cat ear headband which causes the editor-in-chief of the magazine to provoke him to the point where he dashes out of the studio. After learning that Yashamaru had been convincing the editor-in-chief to let THRIVE be included in the magazine, Tsubasa, Yuta and Kento chase him down and confront him. They return to the studio to continue the photoshoot and they end up having their photos taken with a cat. The photos are a success and THRIVE gets more than one page for the magazine. The episode ends with Yuta and Kento trying to get Goshi to perfect a cat pose. 
03 Let's go with Brilliant July 16, 2016
The episode starts on the MooNs bus with everyone asleep and resting before the commercial. Yashamaru calls Tsubasa, asking if MooNs is pumped up for the commercial. After trying to explain about them sleeping, Yashamaru hangs up on Tsubasa. At the CM site, Tsubasa overhears some staff members belittling them behind the make-up bus. Thankfully, MooNs' members did not hear them. As the commercial rolls about, MooNs makes curry as a competition between members, Nome and Hikaru versus Onzai and Sekimura, with Masunaga as judge. After filming the first few times, a monkey manages to catch Tsubasa off-guard when she was on the phone with Yashamaru. After chasing the monkey, the CM director changes location of the commercial to the hot spring they found.
04 Break out Star July 23, 2016
The episode starts off with Tsubasa sitting with the members of B-Pro, as they had time to themselves before preparing for a concert. Yashamaru is impatiently texting, calling and pacing Tsubasa's phone. When she finally notices, they all rush to the concert venue stage where they cause people to get angry. As the dance practice starts, the stage has many props around, making it hard to dance. As the B-Pro members start to argue, other bands of the same concert, as well as staff, start to look down on them. The weather wasn't too favorable to them either as it started to rain, as well as a mishap with the costumes. As Tsubasa worked fast on fixing the problem, the B-Pro members dance shirtless in order to give her time. On the last song, Tsubasa barely manages to fix the costume in time. The rain lets up on the last song as well. Yashamaru praises the boys on a job well done, and a look at his phone shows that he told Tsubasa the wrong time, ending in him buying Omi Beef steaks for the B-Pro members as punishment.
05 Back to the Baby August 6, 2016
The episode starts off with the members of B-Pro practicing to Kodou*Ambitious. After Tsubasa and Yashamaru tell the guys to take a break, a little flashback about Ryuji's life at the audition is shown. As the members are taking a break, a stalking paparazzi man is seen talking to Ryuji. A scandal page is shown to him and Ryuji lashes out by running away from him. Unbeknownst to them, Yuuta and Tomohisa were listening in. As Ryuji falls down a set of stairs unconscious, Tomohisa records the man threatening about his life. When Ryuji wakes up, his mind was hit in a way that it reverted him into thinking he was 7, around the time of his first B-Pro audition. As the photo shoot for Kiss and Hug goes on, Ryuji puts on dresses for the shoot. As he is in the shoot, Ryuji sees Tomohisa talking to Tsubasa, making him jealous and running off. When Tsubasa manages to catch up to him, she tells him about their conversation. The paparazzi man shows up to make a scandal about Ryuji having amnesia, which causes Ryuji to run. As the man tries to catch up to him, Ryuji does not see the traffic walking signal change from green to red, and a truck is about to collide with him when Tomohisa jumps in to save him. Ryuji finally recovers his memories and they continue the shoot. B-Pro members delete the man's hard drive as well as his camera's negatives, and use blackmail to keep the man from making a scandal about Ryuji ever again.
06 Six Sense Blade August 13, 2016
The episode starts with Tsubasa, Goshi, Momotasu, and Mikado on a bus to their audition for a samurai play. As the episode goes on, the guys learn how to sword fight for the play. One of the actors scoffs at the 3 B-pro members, claiming that they were not taking the role seriously. In a fight for the main role, Momotasu fights with one of the auditioning members for the same role who is possessed by a retaining spirit in the katana used by the member. When the other guy gets the role of the main character, it's spirit possesses others around it, causing Goshi, Mikado and Momotasu to fight them off. The producer asks all three men if they would be the main roles together. All three agree as the show goes on with a raising of the curtain.
07 BULLET of the Heart August 20, 2016
The episode starts of the the filming of a popular lunch show, with Nome, Hikaru, Tomohisa, Kazuna, and Kento. With the group split up (Nome and Hikaru) and (Tomohisa, Kazuna, and Kento) into the Mountain Team and the Ocean team respectively, they find ways to try to outwit the others. Before filming, Nome finds Hikaru panting. Hikaru tells Nome that he forgot his medicine but he'd be fine for filming. As they end the day, they lodge in a Japanese styled hotel. When they discuss their shoot, Hikaru suddenly coughs up blood and is taken to his room. It is then revealed that Hikaru has an incurable disease which he had before the first B-Pro audition. After figuring to find some godaiso (mugwort), Nome manages to find some on the side of the cliff, but falls down. As a search party for Nome is away, Hikaru finds Nome singing. After they all get back, the rest of the B-Pro members come and surprise them. They reveal that Ryuji was contacted by Tomohisa to search for the medicine, raiding everyone's rooms. When they were told about the situation, they all pitched in. The episode ends with filming the rest of the episode where the Mountain Team surprises the Ocean Team with water jetpacks, with Nome asking if Hikaru took his medicine, which he replies yes.
08 Bye-Bye Yesterday August 27, 2016
The episode begins with B-Pro at the beach where they are being filmed to promote their first fanbook. Tsubasa is on the phone with Yashamura who tells her to make sure the boys produce plenty of fan service. The shoot goes well and they later go to the next location which is out at sea. It suddenly starts to rain and the sea becomes rough causing B-Pro's boat to get separated from Tsubasa and the filming crew's boat. The boys later wake up to find themselves on a seemingly deserted island. They try to contact Tsubasa using Kento's cell phone, but the call is cut short due to the lack of signals. B-Pro then hear mysterious rumble causes them to get a bit scared and they decide to look for shelter. They eventually find a cave and they split up to look for food and wood to create fire. When Kazuna seemingly goes missing, Tomohisa searches for him. When he finds him, Kazuna bitterly reveals his inferiority complex towards Tomohisa, but after some persuasion and encouragement from Tomohisa, he rekindles his friendship with him. They bump into Yuta and Ryuji who tell them that they found a really nice spot in the cave. The other B-Pro members join them and using the emergency radio, they hear their songs being played and they realise that Tsubasa had recommended their songs to the radio station with hopes of being able to encourage them to work together as a team. After listening to their songs, B-Pro decide to try to escape the island together, eventually figuring out where the mysterious noise was coming from. It is then revealed that the island they were washed up on was one of Tomohisa's family's research facilities. The episode ends with Tsubasa greeting B-Pro who return safely from the island.
09 Flirtatious PLAY BOY September 3, 2016
The episode starts with THRIVE and Kitakore starring in a film; "The Barking Dogs", which is being directed by a internationally famous French director, Sophie Vabelle. As the set and lights are being set-up, Goshi, Yuta, Tomohisa, Ryuji, Tsubasa and Yashamaru talk about the film. Yashamura tells the boys that if the film is well received, B-Pro might get recognised even outside of Japan. The star of the film was revealed to be Kento who was chosen by the director herself. The filming goes on and Goshi always gets reprimanded by the director for his bad acting, Kento on the other hand receives nothing but praise. While filming, Ryuji and Yuta was revealed to be doing a compilation of bloopers for the said movie by pranking the other members specifically Goshi and Kento. Kitakore soon finish filming their parts and go home for the day as it became a Thrive-only shooting. The next scene was to be shot at a big river, but they didn't have permission to do that. Kento being in favour of the director tries to convince her to let the situation drop but instead, the director replies something that puts Kento in shock as it reminded him of his traumatic past. The next day they shoot the river scene but troubled by what the director had said, Kento ends up causing a bit of trouble and he heads out to cool his head after arguing with Goushi. Tsubasa goes to Kento for company and to confront him about the shoot. As they talk, Kento opens up a bit of his past and of his opinion about idols. On the other hand, Tsubasa tells him that he was not as alone as he thinks he is and that everyone of them is essential and has their own uniqueness. This convinces Kento to head back to the filming and he reconcile with Goshi. Their last scene for the film proves Tsubasa's point which causes Kento's expression to soften and become realistic. However, the last scene turned out to be B-Pro's prank to the THRIVE members. The director then comments on Kento's acting again telling him that she made him the star so that the true kindness and compassion behind his mask would be shown. The episode ends with Kento wanting to aologize to Yuta and Goshi but was shy to say so and it ends up with him treating everyone in B-Pro including Tsubasa for ramen.
10 Birthday September 10, 2016
The episode starts off with Tsubasa noticing how B-Pro is starting to become more popular than they were before. She later receives a call from Yashamura who tells her to come to the agency where he's about to make an important announcement. Once there, Yashamura announces to everyone that B-Pro are going to perform at the Japan Dome building for New Year's Eve much to everyone's excitement. They begin planning and rehearsing for the event and when Halloween approaches, Tsubasa buys B-Pro some Halloween-themed doughnuts as a treat, prompting B-Pro to remember that Yashamura's birthday is coming soon, so they decide to throw a surprise party for him. As they shop for food and decorations, Tsubasa learns from B-Pro that Yashamura has always been like a father to them since he was the one who created B-Pro. While waiting for Yashamura, some disasters happen, but after some encouragement from Tsubasa, they re-decorate the apartment, but it ends up Yashamura never turned up, causing Tsubasa to wonder what exactly happened to him.
11 Beyond You September 17, 2016
The episode begins with B-Pro on a talk show about their upcoming Japan Dome concert. They later eat at the agency's cafeteria where they discuss about hopes of their future as B-Pro. The next day, Tsubasa, Goshi, Ryuji, Momotaro and Nome all go to the recording studio to record the centerpiece song for their concert. While Goshi is doing the recording, Ryuji and Nome notice that Tsubasa seems to be overworking herself in preparation for their concert. However, on the way back from B-Pro's photoshoot for their concert, Tsubasa notices that the centerpiece song has been somehow taken by another idol group forcing B-Pro to give up debuting that song. With the concert just two weeks away, and Yashamura absent, Tsubasa suddenly suggests that they make a new song right away. This motivates B-Pro and a new song and arrangement is immediately prepared. B-Pro decide that they will write the lyrics to their new song this time and they decide to use the theme "invincible". Tsubasa later visits MooNs apartment to deliver their schedule and stays a bit to discuss their new song, but things become awkward when Hikaru walks out in his towel and an unexpected and embarrassing situation occurs. The next day, B-Pro show Tsubasa their lyrics for their song and she praises them. They also praise her on how much she has changed ever since she started working for them until they receive a message from Yashamura who tells them to turn on the TV. When Tsubasa does, a shocking announcement is shown, announcing that B-Pro has been transferred to another agency. Tsubasa tries to contact Yashamura about this, but she is unable to reach him.
12 Boys Be Ambitious! September 24, 2016
Continued from where the previous episode left off, Tsubasa tries to contact Yashamura, but he doesn't pick up. When Yashamura finally calls her, he confirms that the announcement of B-Pro being transferred to another agency is true before darkly telling her that he hates her. Yashamura then goes to inform B-Pro about the transfer and he convinces them to accept it. Even at the new agency, B-Pro is unfazed by how they are not allowed to contact Tsubasa, and Yashamura lies to them that she quit. That evening, Tsubasa hears Yashamura playing Koudou*Ambitious on the guitar on the roof and she follows the music. Confronted, Yashamura reveals his true colors to Tsubasa by telling her that ten years ago, her father "killed" his family. Creating B-Pro and hiring her as their A&R was to exact revenge on her father. He also tells her that B-Pro has agreed to transfer and they'll be getting a new A&R, claiming that B-Pro does not need her anymore which devastates her. The next day, a guilt-ridden Tsubasa goes to the Japan Dome where the concert was supposed to take place and cries, only to be interrupted when the stage lights turn on and B-Pro suddenly appear on stage. B-Pro reveals to Tsubasa that they decided not to transfer, because the deal the agency offered them did not appeal to them, and they also want her to continue to be their A&R. Tsubasa happily accepts and the boys perform the song that they made up together for her. The episode ends with B-Pro performing at the Japan Dome as they had always dreamed of.

Season 2Edit

On October 1, 2017, B-PROJECT 2nd Anniversary "DARK in the HALLOWEEEEN" Stage Event held on Sunday has announced that B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious TV anime will get a second season. More information will be announced at a later time.

DVD/Bluray Edit

Vol Cover Includes Original Release
1 Kodou ambitious dvd 1 Episodes 1 & 2; Original Soundtrack August 31 2016
2 Kodou ambitious dvd 2 Episodes 3 & 4; Character Songs for

Goushi Kaneshiro and Mikado Sekimura

September 28 2016
3 Kodou ambitious dvd 3 Episodes 5 & 6; Character Songs for

Ryuji Korekuni and Momotaro Onzai

October 26 2016
4 Kodou ambitious dvd 4 Episode 7 & 8; Character Songs for

Yuuta Ashuu and Hikaru Osari

November 20 2016
5 Kodou ambitious dvd 5 Episodes 9 & 10; Character Songs for

Kento Aizome and Kazuna Masunaga

December 28 2016
6 Kodou ambitious dvd 6 Episodes 11 & 12; Character Songs for

Tomohisa Kitakado and Tatsuhiro Nome

January 25 2017